Chairmans Blog November 2015

Comments from the Chair : Chairmans Blog November 2015

Winter? Who cares? Its great to see the new "Winter Card"! I love the fact that we offer our members a "Valuable Winter Experience" and not the usual pitch and putt you get at most golf courses during the bleak months. I love the "FedEx" and the "DHL" but I am not so much a fan of being cut to 6! Its tough always scoring 31 or 32 points each weekend. Well, I just need to keep trying.

We are moving nicely towards the AGM and it will be interesting to find out where we have finished financially this year after the difficult time we had with the fire. I hope you have all read the email that has been sent out regarding finances. We certainly do not want or intend to raise subs if we can get away with it but we do need to think about how we can raise a little more money to keep the club on a even keel. Last year there was not one question about the accounts at the AGM, I cannot see that happening this year! We are continuing to work very hard to make the books balance. We intend to keep ourselves financially afloat by using the following tactics:-

  • we will be inviting our membership to pay early (as usual)
  • we are promoting a new membership deal, £399 until 31st March 2017 in line with our marketing/financial strategy. If a member can attract a new member then we are willing to give them a £50 back bonus!
  • we are actively advertising / promoting the remaining tee box sponsorship packages. If you know of anyone............
  • we have consulted a Loss Adjuster to submit a claim to our insurers following the coursework done during the recent fire problem (but we are not holding our breaths)
  • we understand that HMRC are looking to settle the VAT issue which may bring in a few pounds!

In terms of personnel I think there will be a need for fresh blood on the board as one or two have expressed their intention to have a well earned rest!

Its very interesting when I read last years Chairman's report (and previous ones too) how much we were able to invest in our club. I have to say it has been disappointing to have been more prudent this year. My guess is that we will be able to move forward again next year and see further course and clubhouse improvements.

Its that time of the year when the "Social calendar" gets full. There are quite a few "do's" on. Don't forget:-

Presentation evening 14th Nov

State Express 5 are coming again (with very special guest star) 19th December!

As well as the usual Ladies and Vets Xmas Parties! C'mon!

OK then........ I would like to be one of the first to wish you a very Merry Xmas! Well if its OK for all the shops to do it this early then so can I! Lol!

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