May 2018

Sun 20 May

07:00 - 09:32MONTHLY MEDAL (Men's Competition)
09:40COURSE COURTESIES (County Courtesy)
09:48 - 12:28MONTHLY MEDAL (Men's Competition)
12:36 - 13:32Medal 3 & Jubilee Vase 3 (Ladies Competition)
13:40GolfNow Booking (Visitor)
13:56Armstrong (Visitor)
14:04Young (Visitor)
14:20GolfNow Booking (Visitor)
15:00Leslie Coulson (Member)
15:08GolfNow Booking (Visitor)
15:24GolfNow Booking (Visitor)

Mon 21 May

08:28Harrison (GroupOn)
09:00Arthur Mason (Member)
09:32Mcbride (GroupOn)
09:48Mathews (GroupOn)
10:04 - 13:00Two Man Texas Scramble (Open Competition)
13:08Golding (GroupOn)
14:28Henderson (GroupOn)
16:36Ian Richardson (Member)
17:16Ken Atkinson (Member)

Tue 22 May

08:36Spoor (Visitor)
08:44 - 08:52Geoff Thompson (Member)
09:00Innes (Visitor)
09:08Arthur Mason (Member)
09:48Steve (Visitor)
09:56 - 10:28Ladies Section (Ladies Competition)
10:36Scott (Visitor)
10:44 - 10:52Laws (GroupOn)
11:24Henry Whitfield (Member)
11:56Gordon Harding (Member)
12:44Last Of The Summer Wine (Member)
16:28Craig (Visitor)

Wed 23 May

07:32Steve Scott (Visitor)
08:04 - 11:16VETS COMP (Vets Competition)
12:04 - 12:20Woodcock (Society)
13:32 - 14:04Team Wylam (Guest/Member)

Thu 24 May

08:44 - 08:52Geoff Thompson (Member)
09:08Arthur Mason (Member)
09:40Watson (GroupOn)
10:04Parkin (GroupOn)
12:36Dixon (GroupOn)
12:44Last Of The Sumer Wine (Member)
13:00Bell (GroupOn)
13:24Lawson (GroupOn)
13:32 - 14:28Ladies v Whitburn (Team)

Fri 25 May

08:04Ronald Dodds (Member)
08:12Willie Manson (Member)
08:20 - 09:00(Reserved For Members)
09:08Arthur Mason (Member)
10:04Simon (Visitor)
10:20George W Elliott (Member)
10:28GolfNow Booking (Visitor)
10:36Ronald Dodds (Member)
11:00Henry Whitfield (Member)
11:08Gordon Harding (Member)
11:48Summers (GroupOn)
12:04 - 12:12Reid (Visitor)
13:00 - 13:48Iain Hunter GS (Society)
14:44Liam (GroupOn)

Sat 26 May

07:00 - 13:00ROCHESTER CUP (Men's Competition)
13:08Willmore (GroupOn)

Sun 27 May

07:00 - 12:28Club Stableford (Men's Competition)
12:36 - 13:32Coronation Foursomes (Ladies Competition)
14:04Jill Scarisbrick (Visitor)
14:28Fawdon (GroupOn)

Mon 28 May

10:36Ronald Dodds (Member)
11:00 - 12:04Social Mixed Cup (Competition)
12:12 - 16:04Junior Open (Open Competition)

Tue 29 May

09:56 - 10:28Ladies Section (Ladies Competition)
11:16Henry Whitfield (Member)
12:44Last Of The Summer Wine (Member)

Wed 30 May

08:04 - 11:16CENTENARY TROPHY (Q) (Vets Competition)
11:24 - 11:56Bolam (Visitor)
12:04John Wilson (Member)
12:12Maureen Rook (Member)
13:32 - 14:04Team Wylam (Guest/Member)

Thu 31 May

08:28Pritchard (GroupOn)
10:28Gair (GroupOn)
12:44Last Of The Sumer Wine (Member)

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