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Well its off to El Rompido on Saturday! Really looking forward to it! Shame that I'll be missing the weekend comps! May even loose my position as 2nd in the race for the DHL! Still as long as I qualify for the final!

C'mon the ladies!


Just to report that I was very proud to cohost the presentation evening on Saturday night. There was a good turn out (not great it has to be said) but the atmosphere as ever was fantastic. I would like to congratulate all the winners and thank all those who turned up to celebrate with the winners. Well done all!


November is going to be a very busy month at RGC.

Presentation Evening on the 9th and Jeff Winter on the 22nd! El Rompido from 16th to the 21st for the finals of the Mail on Sunday. Wow! who said that the winter was the quiet part of the year?

Personally I am looking forward to going to Spain to support the ladies! I am so proud to be part of their journey and am honoured to be with them during the final leg. I of course wish them the very best of luck and hope that they will bring the trophy to "lil ole Royal Ryton!"

There is still a great deal going on on the course. We have introduced the compulsory use of mats on the fairways early this year to protect them from the serious damage that is caused from taking divots at this time of the year with very little or no growth on them. The difference it made this summer due to using them from January last year was very significant. Starting this protection policy early could only mean even better fairways next season.

Keeping the length of each of the holes throughout the winter in order to give members a more meaningful game of golf is our aim this year. Having purchased some decent mats and bringing into play tees that have not recently been used we feel we have achieved this. We do intend to redevelop some of the key tees throughout the winter too. Watch this space.

The DHL Winter League has generated a great deal of interest. The final prize pot will be large and who knows who will qualify and eventually win. It certainly was a surprise winner for the Summer FedEx! (Well done Willie).

Its wonderful to see Juniors back at the club. The blue tees have been a fantastic edition and it is great to see them being used by many different groups of players also. I played them myself the other week and really enjoyed the experience. Witnessing Michael Muldoon drive past the 5th temp from them was amazing. Also all 4 players having Eagle putts on the green made things interesting. Having a very swift round and enjoying every hit was truly marvellous.

The leaves have obviously been a nuisance over the past few weeks and they have not gone yet. The addition of a new machine has meant that the course has been very playable. We hope that the problem will be over very soon. A touch of frost and some high winds will do it I feel! I am looking forward to winter golf this year. I feel the course will stand up well as we have prepared it well and we have mats to give us a good lie all over the course.

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