Chairmans Blog Febuary 2015

Comments from the Chair : Chairmans Blog Febuary 2015

February is with us and of course that means a whole new set of fresh faces around the table at Board Meetings with a whole bunch of fresh/new ideas for the club. You will have by now seen them posted on the website.

"Happy week" "Members Guest Weekend" "Car wash" "Members Draw" to name but a few. We are hoping to get involved with the "Morrison's Gift Voucher Scheme" (watch this space) as a lot of other golf clubs are doing presently which will hopefully be another valuable service. We have decided as a board that "Members Incentives" is so important that it will remain a standing item at board meetings from now on. We listened to what you said at the AGM Q&A session and we want to make all of our members feel valued and more importantly feel that they get value for their money.

I would like to thank all of the board members who have taken on jobs, some of them thankless tasks but they are in the name of pleasing people at the club. I would thank Steve Wilson (and his team of 3) for taking on the closing down of Saturday Comps in readiness for Sunday comps. Terrific.

I would thank Geoff Ross for taking on Handicaps and Competitions. This very onerous task we all know requires broad shoulders and dedication! Marvellous.

Michael Thompson is putting together a "New members pack" and will be looking after our new members to ensure they feel at home at Ryton and stay with us for years to come. Splendid!

Bev and Lucy are working hard on the stair lift project which is taking up some time (finding funding strands and writing bids is never easy). Wonderful!

KP continues to focus on "125"! The year 2016 hopefully will be full of interesting events and remind us of how well we have done as a club! Fabulous!

Michael Moffitt continues to work with the finances and this Monday was even seen with a smile on his face when reporting where we are at present financially. Still a long way to go but ....... getting there! Splendiforous!

Everybody on the board is contributing and working hard to make RGC a better place to be. Its gonna be a great season and I am personally looking forward to seeing the course in all its glory come April. We have worked very hard over the winter to protect it and it will pay dividends of that I am sure.

What we need now is for all our members to rejoin (where else would you go???????) and life at the club will be fantastic! C'mon

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