General Club Noticeboard : WORK ON THE GREENS

The following work will be carried out next week. This work has been delayed because of the amount of rain this year.


What is Hollow Tinning

It's the physical  removal of cores of tur from a playing surface. The holes are generally 13-16 mm in diameter and of varying depths on the reason for the tine, The cores are ejected, swept up and removed. They make excellent compost. When completed a smaller mass of soil will occupy the same area of green/tee/fairway.


Why is it done

Course traffic causes the ground to become compacted. This means the drainage is less efficient and the grass's roots are prevented from absorbing oxygen. Hollow tining allows the compacted turf to expand and air an moisture to be more absorbed.

It's generally accepted that drier surfaces will be less susceptible to diseases like fusarium. As hollow tining is a good way of improving drainage it's also a way of preventing the spread of disease.

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