Weekend Results

Club Competition Results : Weekend Results

Weekend Results:


Saturday 22nd February 2020 – Winter League No.8


1st       T Hogarth                                  45                          £16

2nd      P McRoberts                             44(CB)                    £12

3rd      D Falconer                                 44(CB)                    £8

4th      R Doughty                                  44(CB)                    £4


Two’s @ £7

P Henderson, D Beckwith, M Moffitt, K Bennett, A Burdon, M Taylor




Sunday 23rd February 2020- 4BBB Stableford


1st       J Nicholson/G Tones                 50                          £23

2nd      P Elliott/I McGurk                     49(CB)                    £17

3rd      R Herron/D Carroll                    49(CB)                    £11

4th      S Wilson/L Coulson                   48                          £6


Two’s @ £6

L Coulson, AJ Taylor, J Haddock, P McRoberts, A Lee










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