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June 2016

Well I did say in my notes last month that the summer was almost upon us, but after the last week I may have to withdraw that comment, however the weather will improve!

I would like to say a big thank you to `Pop` and his fellow green-staff for their efforts in presenting the course in its current condition. We have received numerous comments from visitors, be it visiting parties or team players from other clubs on how well the course looks and a pleasure to play. This is equally rewarding for the club to hear as well as `Pop`s` team after what was a very challenging winter and wet spring for them to bring the course up to present condition. The course and the members are the biggest assets we have a Ryton and will always be our highest priority.

You are all aware of our 125 anniversary year and I would like to mention the fantastic efforts by Keith Pearson, Bev Wears and Paul Whittaker in the organisation of events for this celebration; I am sure every one of you has been badgered by Keith to put your name on the Domino Cards. We are still looking for your suggestions on what to do with the funds raised during the 125 year, the total now stands at £3000 with a new target of £4000 so please get your thinking caps on and come forward with ideas that will benefit the club and its members.

Our Ladies and Gents teams have unfortunately been beaten in the Mail On Sunday competitions but I can say it has been a marvellous effort by all concerned, thank you.

Our membership numbers and green fees are down on last year’s figures to the end of May. This is being closely monitored as it has a direct impact on our cash flow with the bank. The control of costs it imperative in the current climate and all expenditure is being scrutinised to ensure no unnecessary costs are generated.

Thank you once again for your continued support of Ryton Golf Club.

Created: 19-Jun-16 09:48

May 2016

With the summer almost upon us I would like to wish our members all the very best and have a successful golfing season. A number of members have received an email from the club requesting information relating to their subscription payments for 2016, please do not be offended by this request, we are aiming to reconcile the membership numbers against our bank statements as we are concerned that a small numbers of incorrect invoices may have been issued or in fact not issued at all and we are looking to tie this in with former members who have not renewed their membership. The aim is to give us a formative answer on the number of members have and the categories they fit into.

I would like to apologise to the members who were inconvenienced by visiting parties on the 7 th and 14 th of May. It is unfortunate that looking at the initial set of membership numbers we are becoming increasingly dependent of visiting parties and the green fee monies they provide. I can assure you that the last thing the board wish to do is create an inconvenience for our members. We are asking for you support when it comes to accommodating visiting parties on our course.

We have had a number of problems with the competition computer hardware and software. We believe the software issue that has dogged the senior’s competitions has now been sorted out and we are waiting for the keypad problem for the upstairs computer link to be rectified. The computer system could possibly do with an upgrade (125 suggestions?) and we thank you for your patience with this.

We have finally given the go ahead for the installation of the new cellar cooling equipment, as mentioned at the AGM. The installation work is due to start this week and will hopefully see us over the next 20 years or so.

The ladies and gents teams continue to progress in the Mail On Sunday competitions, good luck to them. Check the diary for Tuesdays and Wednesdays when the teams are playing league matches at home, I am sure they will be grateful for your support. A big thank you must go to Edward Alan Clark and David Marshall for their organisation and support during the Seniors Open Competition. Gentlemen members of 55 years old and over have the opportunity to join the seniors section, providing they are checked and vetted by Mr. Clark.

I wish to thank you once again for your continued support over the last month in what has been a somewhat challenging and interesting time for our golf club.

Created: 15-May-16 22:28

Comments from the Chair April 2016

Welcome to all our members both old and new. We have just confirmed the appointment of Neil Whinham as our new Golf Club manager, this is an exciting time for us and we are delighted to have him. I would like to thank Michael again for his continued support over the last couple of weeks and until Neil is in position.

The summer golf season continues with our teams in the Mail on Sunday progressing to the next round, the ladies coming out on top of their counterparts from Tyneside and the gents overcoming Slaley. Congratulation also go to Dave McRoberts and Michael Muldoon for their victory over Tyneside in the Mail on Sunday Foursomes competition.

The seniors’ inter-club friendly competitions have started so please give Captain Ray all your support.

The new fence enclosing the combustion area adjacent to the 4th fairway is now completed with a big thank you to Gateshead MBC for their support with this task. It is our intention to have a full review of what options are available to us to return the hole to its previous boundaries. Can I ask you all at this point to be extra vigilant when playing this hole especially when playing from the competition tee box area. Should you or your playing partners see members of the public on the footpath please do not tee off. We had another case on Sunday where a member of the public on the footpath was hit with a golf ball, fortunately no injuries were reported. Remember this is a public footpath and cycleway and we need to respect those using it.

The green keepers are busy preparing the course to bring it up to its usual high standard after a very wet spring and we thank them for their continued efforts. We said at the AGM that we were expecting high costs in relation to the new fence; well the cost has come in at £4,500.00. The cooling equipment in the cellar looks as if we are going to have to replace it at a cost of £3,000.00. We will continue to generate revenue from visiting parties, so we ask you again to bear with us in relation to visiting parties on our course.

Our 125 anniversary year programme is progressing well with a revised target of £3,000.00. Keith Pearson is looking for proposals what to spend the money on; they need to be fully costed out and be of benefit to the club. One suggestion is to replace the bar area carpets but there could be many more.

Thank you for your continued support of Ryton Golf Club.

Created: 19-Apr-16 19:29

Comments from The Chair

A very warm welcome to all our members, with thanks to our secretary for the kind introduction that was posted on the web site following the changes to the board of directors. As a result of Michael’s decision to move on to pastures new and our chairman Paul’s decision to stand down, I wish to thank them both, not only from the board of directors but from a personal point of view for all the effort and hard work that they have contributed to Ryton Golf Club over the past 4 years or so. A lot of the work done can quite easily be seen but much more goes on behind the scenes.

The club have advertised for a new secretary/manager and a number of applicants have expressed serious interest in the position.

We are hoping to start work on the new fencing system adjacent to the forth fairway later this month to prevent members of the public and golfers from entering the combustion area.

The summer golf session is almost upon us and this weekend saw our gents’ team entertain our rivals from Tyneside Golf Club and our ladies team travel to Prudhoe in the `Mail on Sunday` competition. I am pleased to say that both teams were successful – well done.

The gents weekend Fed-Ex competition is coming to a climax – good luck to all those playing in the finals.

Congratulations to Ray Archibald on his appointment as the seniors’ captain and to John Haddock as the vice captain – good luck to them both for the coming season

It is my intention to try to give you regular updates on the general goings on at the club on a monthly basis.


Created: 07-Mar-16 15:14

Chairmans Blog February 2016

Well what a January that was! Wind, rain and more of the same! I can't remember a time when ................ blah blah! Still thats all gone now. The nights are getting lighter and the weather is becoming milder........... until next week no doubt. Lol!

We have a great deal to look forward to at the club over the coming weeks and months. Please remember this is our 125 year in existence and Past Captain K.P. is doing his damnedest to ensure this will be a year to remember. Lets get into the spirit and celebrate every minute we are at the club! There are going to be many events/comps and celebrations to be involved with. I will be there to support our fine little club! We are still trying to raise money for the "125 Fund" which currently stands at £1935 in order to purchase something meaningful and memorable for the club. Our target was £2000 but I think if we work hard we can double that at least by our Celebration Night on Saturday 8th October.

I hope Captain Michael is ready to go. He has a tough 5/6 months ahead now. Matches, presentations, meetings, 125 events etc etc. I know you will all be behind him and supporting him as much as you can. To begin with we are intending to hold a "Joint Captains Day" at the club on 9th April. It should be a great start to the season.

Before that we have the finals of the FedEx (weekend) and DHL (midweek) comps. They should be very competitive considering the effort that has gone into them and the participation levels in the winter comps this year! The top 72 will compete. Shotgun start. March 26th and 27th. Be prepared! Love it!

Oh and don't forget the one you love on the 14th! You've been together how long??????????????

Created: 04-Feb-16 16:42
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