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Chairmans Blog December 2012


Can I take this oportunity to wish each and every member of this wonderful club the very best for the festive season. Thank you for all of your kind words and support this year which I have to say I have really enjoyed. May all of your dreams come true and I hope you enjoy rude health throughout the coming season. Bring it on!

All I can say now is..........


Lets get Xmas out of the way and all of the New Year hullabaloo and then get down to business again. I implore you all to turn up and fill the clubhouse. The more the merrier. I hope you have been able to access, on the website, all the paperwork necessary for the evening. If not you should have picked it up from the bar or have had it sent out to you directly. Please follow the following link.



Another productive meeting last night at the club. I am very impressed with the way the Board is working on your behalf at present and with a great deal of optimism. Please check out the minutes on the website.

Can I remind you all that the AGM will be held at the club on 16th January 2013. We look forward to a full house and an optimistic view into the future of the club. The documentation is being prepared at this moment to go out to you all. Please keep your eyes peeled for the notices that are soon to go up.

We have decided to introduce the use of Fairway Mats on the course from 1/1/13. Members can either purchase their own mat or purchase a St Andrews Fairway Mat from the Sec/Man for £3.50. The rule will be that we play from a mat or move the ball into the semi rough and play from a preferred lie in the semi. The purpose of this ruling is to protect the course for the summer months.

The dress code is to be further relaxed. We decided that socks no longer need to be white when wearing shorts.

We are to have another musical evening on Feruary 16th. Tickets will be on sale soon.


Movember has come and gone (£1500 raised for Cancer Research) and now we really are into the depths of winter golf. November was another good month financially at the club where we have exceeded our projection. I would like to sincerely thank all those who have been involved in raising the profile of "lil ole Royal Ryton" and continuing the marketing campaign to ensure our club becomes a great place to play both as a member and as a visitor and use as a venue for celebrations.

As we move forward it may be worthwhile reflecting on our recent efforts of the board to improve the course and its facilities! To date I have noted a few changes at the club which I am sure we are all appreciative of:-

New Clubhouse Windows - Decoration of clubhouse and stairs - New Pool Table - Fairway Riders (Cheaper Prices for Members) - New Hire Pull Trolleys - New Rijo Coffee Machine - Leather Sofas and Coffee Tables (to arrive prior to Xmas) - Shoe Cleaner (being prepared) - New Tee Box 7th (main) and 18th (winter) - New Website Slicker Design (and consequent "branding" of the club) - Improved Communication via Email/Newsletters (cutting cost of External Marketing and Internal Communication) - New Blinds in clubhouse - New Greens Cutter - Increased Membership - Big Lockers - Increased Prize Money and Competitions (FedEx) - Cheap Bar Prices for members (compared with visitors) - Greater usage of the clubhouse as a venue for Weddings, Birthdays and Christenings - Improved financial position - Changed Stroke Indices and new cards and sponsors - A course remeasure - 

No doubt there are a few things i have forgotten but my point is that we are trying hard on behalf of our membership.

As we move ever closer to the 2013 AGM it is very important that we ensure that our members are happy. We of course would like to retain our membership level if not elevate it somewhat in order that next year we can focus more on members golf and less on the need to attract visitors. We appreciate balancing the books whilst keeping all members happy is a complex and sometimes impossible task. Next year why dont you think about getting nominated for the Board and turn some of your ideas into practice.

Please watch out for the notices that are about to go up regarding this and the documentation that will go out to you all to inform you of the event. It would certainly be good this year if we had a large turnout and could move forward into 2013 with a really positive outlook.

We still do not have a Captain for 2013. This for me is an uncomfortable position. It would be impossible to run the club without someone in this extremely important position. I ask yet again "Is there anyone out there who would consider it?"

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Chairmans Blog November 2012


Stud Gate!!

It appears that the mystery has been solved!

Build up of Ice on spikes is causing holes in the Greens, certain members noticed this happening and thereafter tried to clear ice build up from shoes before going onto Greens.

If we could encourage all to check their shoes for ice build up before entering Greens, especially those playing early in the mornings.



Report from last nights Board Meeting

A vast amount of business was covered in a 3 hour meeting last night. It is testimony to the fact that so much is going on and the board are fully engaged with the business of the club. My congratulations go to them for their effort.

Course signage is progressing - Tee box signeage has been changed to reflect the new S.I.'s - The shoe cleaning system is progressing - The pump/soakaway issues (affecting the practice area) are being addressed.

Retaining Members

The Board and Members should be encouraged to make new members feel welcome and where possible integrated into the club. (Note the orange bag tag winter members) ideally we would like these new members to re-join from April.


We have decided by order of the committee that FairwayRiders should be kept solely to the rough for the rest of the winter. this may of course mean you have to walk across the course to get to your ball but we do not want tracks left on our beautiful fairways!

Leaves on the Course

The board are aware of the issues surrounding leaves on the course and we will endeavour to solve this problem.

7th Tee Box

Work is progressing on laying a new teeing area on the 7th. I am sure you will wish Pop and his team the very best to make it flat and true.

Winter Rules

Winter always causes controversy on the course as to what we should do with regards preferred lies, teeing up, using mats, dropping in the semi etc etc in order that the course is spoaired the winter damage. The board will liaise with Pop to decide the way forward this year.


Work is now progressing for this years AGM. You will recieve notice of the AGM to be held on Wednesday 16th January 2013 (not 18th as printed in  the fixture book) in due course. You will also recieve the paperwork accounts, agenda, newsletter, etc. Please start thinking about the members of the club you would like to have lead you into the future and any items you would like placed on the agenda. Notices will go on the board 1 month in advence as per the constitution of the club.

Xmas (Exclusive Members Offer)

We have decided to give our member some exclusive gift ideas. The Sec/Man will be sending out these offers ASAP for you to give to friends and relatives as Xmas presents! 

Member Special Gift Ideas

Option 1

4ball Gift Voucher Mon-Fri, high quality Gift Voucher ONLY £15!! (value £80) Limited to 1st 100 purchased. Valid until October 2013


Option 2

Gift Package - BaconRoll&Coffee/Golf with FairwayRider/Fish&Chips with Mushy Peas. High Quality Gift Voucher available as a 2 or 4 ball. Value (£80 2ball) (£160 4ball) Limited to 1st 20sales.

2ball Gift - £40 or 4ball Gift - £70


Option 3

Golf 3 Month Membership 25th Dec-31st March for Friend or Family. Only 10 available.

ONLY £50!!


These options are only open to Members of Ryton Golf Club.

Dress Code

We have decided to change the dress code on and off the course in line with the 21st Century! We will send out the new code in an email to you all.

Apart from "No hats in the clubhouse", there will be no restriction on dress code.

The on-course dress code will remain as is with the exception of ‘socks’.

Ankle socks will be permitted as is the modern way on the professional golf circuit.

A great deal more was discussed and I urge you to read the minutes as they are posted on the website!



Course Damage

Quick Note to all Members

It appears that we have some unsuitable footware being worn on the course, it has been reported that there are marks on the greens which seem as if believe it or not someone is wearing football studs. This clearly can and is causing damage to the greens and we would ask all members to be mindful of wearing the correct footware.

This is the second week that this has been reported and it seems like its a group playing early Saturday morning. We trust that this will be addressed asap.



Presentation Evening

Presentation Evening was fantastic! I want to thank absolutely everybody involved in making it such a success. I would like to thank Clyde and Jen (Durham County), Capt Mal and Ena, Lady Capt Barbara and Peter for their part in the proceedings. The Caterers (Jimmy, Mark and Joyce) for a wonderful meal (yet again), to the Bar Staff admirably lead and coordinated by Lorraine, to Michael Rutter for all the planing and preparation and to Past Captain Keith Pearson for taking the photos (soon to be posted on the website) and more importantly to all of you who attended to fill the room with so much joy and fun. It was fab to see so many smiling faces and listen to great banter!

Ryton Golf Club is a wonderful place to be when the atmosphere is so positive! I am certainly looking forward to the Pre Xmas Boogie Night on the 1st December as we have sold more than 100 tickets so far. Hopefully its going to be a packed house and a really tremendous night.

Thank you too to all those who donated to the Movember Appeal on the evening.  £105 from the guests, £20 from Paul Haswell and £72 from Geordie Allison from the vets section. That really has given us a good start.


I have just launched my "Fun" Xmas Quiz! Please have a go.

The winners will win a 4 Ball at Heworth Golf Club

All you have to do is name the Ryder Cup Players including the Captains (26 to find). However most of the pictures have been "spoiled" a little to make it a little harder.

Competition ends at midnight on December 31st and the winner will be announced in my January Blog.


Final Reminder:-

Pre Xmas Boogie Night featuring State Express 5 at the club on December 1st


I would like to formally welcome the new Lady Captain Barbara Healy to office. Congratulations on her appointment and may the year be a fantastic one. Good Luck!

I would like to sincerely thank Past Lady Captain Julia Allison for her effort throughout what has been a wonderful year for her. I will personally remember the money she has raised for charity (£1000) and the smile she has brought to our faces with her many prize givings.

Thank you Julia!


Happy November to everyone! Well I guess winter golf has come with a vengeance, not that the summer was all that! We now have to plodge our way around the course again, search for balls amongst the leaves and have some very interesting/inventive shots to play. It must be said that Pop and the boys have done a tremendous job to keep us on proper greens for so long. They are a credit to RGC.

I hope everyone likes the new website! We have spent some time "re-branding" the club and have finally decided on black, white and gold as the colours for the site and a few alterations to the fonts. The front page is now a lot cleaner and will be used to lead visitors into the site. You will notice the menu that was on the front page is now on the page labeled as "Golf". All the usual info is there and I will endeavour to keep it current and informative. Any comments about what we have done can be sent to me at:-

Plenty of things are still happening at the club:-

We are in the middle of a Movember Campaign in aid of Cancer Research and the Ryton 5 are doing well so far. Agnes has done wonders to collect sponsors for the lads and we hope to amass a decent amount for Andrew Renshaws chosen charity. I hope you're all following progress in the regular news updates.

Shaun and Ali Embleton had their after wedding party at the club on Saturday 3rd. The place was packed again and its great to see our facility being used to the max. Not so sure about some of the singing on the karaoke, but I know everybody had a good time. Shaun confessed that it was the best night he'd ever had at the club. It's fabulous that we have a facility that can make people so happy. It certainly needs to be used more.

We now have a proper set of hire pull trolleys at the club with winter tyres. this will help to make us look more professional and also protect our course. As we all know some clubs will only allow buggies with winter tyres on the course through the very wet and icy months, so i urge you all to take much more care with your electric trolleys to not spin the wheels and leave damage on the course.

The fairway riders continue to go down a storm. However it is crucial that these very popular vehicles do not leave lasting damage too. Can i urge everyone who hires them to be vigilant of the tracks they are making and more importantly to ride them on the paths and in the rough or semi rough as much as possible (try to keep off the fairways) to protect our beautiful course for the summer months.

There are a few things to look forward to:

Sat 10th Nov is our presentation night. I always look forward to seeing people formally receive their trophies. I hope the club is full of smiling people and a good night is had by all.

Sat 1st Dec is our "Pre Xmas Boogie Night" with State Express 5. We look forward to a full house and the place "jumping". Ticket sales have gone pretty well so far but it would be very nice to sell all 120.

I have created a "Co-opted Chairs Xmas Quiz". It is ready to go live but I do not as yet have a prize worthy of the competition. If anyone has any ideas or gifts they have hanging around the house, perhaps i could turn it into a "Xmas Hamper!" It will go live if and when........ Please leave any donations for this cause behind the bar.

As ever this is a working document and as things arise I will add them throughout the month. Have a good winter!

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Chairmans Blog October 2012


Disappointing vandalism found by greenkeepers on the course on Saturday morning!

You will notice that the 2nd green has had some turf dug up. This was part of some vandalism including the 4th hole filled with sand, messages written in sand on grees, flags removed and thrown away and beer bottles forced into the greens up to their necks! Please all be aware that although our course has not been vandalised for some time this may be somethging we need to watch out for!


Presentation Evening November 10th 2012

Just a reminder to all that the Annual Presentation Evening is fast approaching. We would like to open this evening up to all our members even if you did not happen to win a trophy this year.

The evening will incorporate a high quality 3 course meal at the cost of £12/pp.

It would be nice to have a full house this year so please make the effort.


What about doing a "Movember" at the club?


Dont forget 1st Dec 2012 "Pre Xmas Boogie Night" £10 Entrance and Buffet.

Already 66 tickets sold. Its gonna be a great event. C'mon!


Winter Greens

Further to an email from a member and discussions with the Greenkeeper players are permitted to putt only from the Winter Greens. This is due to the size/width of some winter tee areas.


Weekend Visiting Parties

Please Note that the following rules will be implemented with regards to Visitors on a Weekend.

From 1st Nov - 28th Feb there will be no visitors permitted on a weekend. At present we take approx £1000 per month for casual visitors excluding golf societies and large parties. We are listening to the members and hoping that the club can sustain it self through midweek visitors. This will obviously have to be monitored very carefully.

 Going forward into next Season.... the board were asked for clarification on 'visiting party' weekend bookings for next season.

It was agreed that the club cannot do without society and sizable visting parties at this moment in time. They have instructed that visiting parties continue to be encouraged but shared equally where possible throughout the day on a Sat and Sun from 8am-3pm inclusive. Generally societies want morning start times! Where possible advance warrning will be given to members to allow adjustments in playing times if required.

In an ideal world we would like to say no to VP at weekends but sadly we far from that point!!


A great deal of business was done at last nights board meeting. I urge you all to read the minutes to keep up to date with the decisions that are being made.

The meeting of course started on a very sombre note, reflecting on the sad passing away of our member and good friend Andrew Renshaw. Many of the board members knew him very well, went on holidays and played with him regularly. We all, of course, send Debbie Renshaw our thoughts and support at this sad time.

The meeting continued with an end of year accounts round up from the treasurer Dave Wilson. He explained that we have indeed finished the year with a profit, which is incredibly good news. Despite a poor summer weather wise, the club was able to increase green fees, bar takings, and competition fees. The accounts will be presented at the AGM however the poignant figures I will pass on as soon as they are confirmed by the auditors.

Due to this positive financial position we have decided as a board to start to make some changes to the facilities both on and off the course. I will not spoil the surprise for you in this blog but assure you that the changes will become evident very soon. We hope that our members and guests alike will enjoy and appreciate the effort that is being made by the board and see that perhaps the slight inconveniences that we have had to endure from time to time were all worth it. Presently we have our new Fairway Riders (x5), new scorecards, new coffee machine, and a new shoe/trolley cleaning system being pieced together as we speak. We have listened to our members and are trying to implement some of the many suggestions that have been forthcoming.

You will also see some minor changes to the website. We are experimenting with different colours and designs with the support of our web designer. We have gone with black as the base colour which we see as simple yet classy. Watch this space for further developments.

On a very personal note (not speaking on behalf of the board) I would like to offer all members the opportunity to come to speak with me directly, and formally (on  record) if necessary, if they have any issue with the direction of the club. Whilst I understand, it is tradition within our club to submit a letter to the Chair/Board if we have a complaint (and that will not change) I would like to have the opportunity to perhaps nip doubts/concerns in the bud if at all possible. Many situations arise from poor communication or misunderstanding and could be cleared up very quickly with a conversation. I am trying to keep everybody informed through the website and am only too pleased to add items if people so wish to clarify issues.

Please don't forget I am a simple paid up member too and only want the club to prosper. My ethos is, and will always be, one of "positivity" and I want to play my golf at the club with a smile on my face like we all do no doubt. The club is doing well at present and I thank you for your patience. Michael Rutter (Sec/Man) has done a fantastic job to raise the profile and market the club. He is spending a massive amount of time working on your behalf above and beyond his contract hours. I feel it is time for me to step up to the plate and as "Co-opted Chair" to shoulder any problems and allow him to continue to concentrate on the job he was employed to do, that of running the day to day matters at the club.

Now lets make the most of what we have left of the sun and lighter evenings. Enjoy the facilities at the club and your golf!


It is with very great sadness that the club reports the passing away of
Mr Andrew Renshaw
on Sunday 7th October 2012
Andrew was a fanatical golfer and a great supporter of Ryton Golf Club.
He will be missed and remembered, by all who knew him, every day we play!
We would like to send our thoughts to Debbie and his family at this time.
Funeral arrangements are as follows
Friday 12th October.
At 10.15 am @
Mount Sett Crematorium,
There after the club will be open @ 11.30 for friends and relatives.


September has come and gone in a whir of business. I thank you all yet again for your support and effort to make Ryton GC as successful as it has been. Many changes are and have taken place and I am very pleased with the way these changes are being received. There are no doubt many more to come! Exciting times for RGC.

The financial books have closed for the year and will now need to be audited and will be presented to the members of the club at the next AGM. I am certainly hoping that with all the effort we have made, we will turn a decent profit for 2011/12. Our next board meeting is on Monday 8th October and we have asked our Treasurer Dave Wilson to attend specifically to report on the years figures and answer any questions that board members may have for him. I sincerely hope that he will be able to put a smile of satisfaction on everyones' face. We understand that turning a profit is not the main reason for members to remain with the club, but it certainly helps if our motivation is to improve the place for them.

It is obvious that with winter on the way the earnings potential of any golf club will go down. Shorter days and colder weather means that all clubs will have problems generating income not just RGC. We, however, are still optimistic that we will hit if not exceed our income projections through these most difficult (marketing) months. I will report in more depth on the feelings/thoughts of the board after Monday nights meeting and again, watch out for the minutes.

October is going to be another interesting month, I feel. We are committed to the Golf North Show at Middlesborough Football Stadium on 19th 20th and 21st October (very exciting oportunity), we have another Open Competition (with a large prize pot) on 26th October and many weekend comps still to play for. 

I wish you all a very happy October and will continue to update my blog on a regular basis. Please keep logging in and checking it out!

Don't forget and lets make this years "Presentation Evening" a huge celebration of success:-

Presentation Night - Saturday 10th November at 7pm. 

Note in advance the following winners with the ladies winners to follow as not yet confirmed.

Sam Henderson/David Laws/Paul Haswell/ Chris Bell/Gordon Young/Bob Stavers/Paul Stocks/Ron Platford/Stuart Askew/George Robson/Steve Bousfield/Lee Parker/Steve Bews/Kevin Hill/J Thompson jnr/Shaun Embleton/Dave Marshall/Matt Turton/Kevin Bullock/Paddy Young/Paul Henderson/Fred Tindle/Michael Rutter/Paul Minett/Richard Bainbridge/ S Kellegher/Terry Heneghan/Neil Howie

Hopefully everyone will be able to attend and pick up their awards. There will be a 3 course meal provided at  cost of £12/pp which is great value for the standard of food that will be prepared.

Look forward to seeing you there.

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Chairmans Blog - September 2012


How often have we seen the car park like this on a Thursday over the past years! Well done all concerned for promoting our club as the place to be!


I have just printed the posters and the tickets for the "Pre Xmas Boogie Night" with "State Express 5" on December the 1st. They are available at the club from behind the bar or in the office or email me on:-

Its set to be a fabulous night. Zest are gonna pull out all the stops for us. 


A Pre Xmas Boogie Night
7pm Saturday 1st December 2012

Featuring “State Express 5”

All your favourites from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s

Ticket £10 includes Entrance and Buffet

Tickets can be purchased from the office or the bar
or email:-


What a marvelous week it has been at the club. I have never seen the car park so full so regularly. Its fantastic that we are getting the footfall. Can I say how proud I am of the effort made by everybody at the club. You are certainly making my wishes come true by making it a successful September.

Friday, the course was full and we had a wedding from 1pm which went on til late, very late! Saturday the Medal was well subscribed, we had a visiting party at the club that used the facilities to the max and we had a hole in one (Michael Rutter). Sunday the Texas Scramble was well and truly populated. The Clubhouse was buzzing, the staff were fully utilised, the beer was flowing and the atmosphere was friendly, happy and homely. Ryton GC seems to be the place to be at present! Thanks too to all the volunteers who ran the check in desk, the tee box and to Henry "The Ranger" Watson for moving the competition along. I should also thank the members for taking part and helping to make the day a total success. Its was a great team effort. 

It was also wonderful to see Glyde Golf our sponsors in the clubhouse selling their excellent range of clothing during the Texas Scramble. I just simply had to have some Calaway trousers! Please support them if you need anything.

Oh and yes, I did only just reach the near bunker on the 18th in the Texas Scramble which was a tad embarrassing. You can also see how badly I needed those Callaway Trousers.


The club held its monthly Board Meeting last night at the club. It was a bit of a marathon finishing at 10.30pm (one member stated that that was a new record!). There was a great deal of business to discuss and some frank discussions to be had. I urge you to read the minutes of this and previous minutes as they are posted on this site. They are in the Members Area of the site and can only be accessed if you have your password:-

Some of the hot topics and decisions I will bullet point below:-

  1. The new compressor has been purchased for cleaning shoes. You will see it being installed at the club in the near future
  2. We have decided to purchase some new pull trolleys to rent out to visitors and members
  3. Based on their success thus far we intend to lease 2 more "Fairway Riders" 'and offer a discounted rate to members'.
  4. Based on the success of the Groupon campaign we are undertaking a similar scheme with Living Social to further develop our pool of contacts. Watch out for the deal.
  5. EXCLUSIVE:- We have a stand at the "Golf North Show". More details to follow! See details on the link below.
  6. We are still searching for next years captain. Your golf club needs you!
  7. Going forward the Board will have a rota of volunteers to cover the vacant handicap secretary's position to allow effective closing of men's Saturday competitions.
  8. We are currently working on course improvements that include course signage, tree management and new tee box signs following changes in yardages and stroke indices.
  9. We have decided to cut the rough a little shorter for the winter to improve speed of play.

Our aim is always to improve the facilities for our members. It is at the forefront of our thinking as to where to spend money to gain the best results. If you have any ideas for this I would welcome your thoughts. Whilst finances are still understandably tight we have moved forward considerably and are in a position to consider ideas.

Our financial year closes at the end of this month for audit and to be ready for the AGM in January. We hope to see a much healthier financial position and this is largely due to the vigorous marketing of RGC over the summer months.

I would like to say a personal thanks to all the members of the board who have worked hard to steer the club in a positive direction over the past months and to the members for their patience and support. I look forward to reporting further successes in the future.



Well another month has shot by and our "glorious" British summer (yeah... right!) is drawing to a close. Lets hope the winter months are no where near as wet!

However before the season ends and we have to play off the winter tees with our "long-johns" on, we have a few big competitions left for September!

The men have the finals of the Little and Bourne, the Leek, the Medal Final, a Texas Scramble, Tankards, Sponsors Day, as well as the Acheson Gray Qualifiers! Lets hope for an Indian Summer!

The vets too have a packed itinerary including matches and the usual wednesday competitions (which are always full).

The Ladies have their Club Championship, Leek, Medals, Highmore Salver and Jubilee Vase and at the end of the month the Daily Mail Foursomes! Its all happening!

The club house is starting to be used more and more as a venue for external celebrations too, which is good news!  We have a wedding, a 50th and a 70th this month. Dont forget our own social events (which it would be great to have your support) such as the Games Evening on the 8th Sept! The club is buzzing at present. I am sure you all agree the staff at the club are doing a wonderful job to bring in the punters and make them extremely welcome.

The Board members have been working tirelessly to make the club a happy place to be and i promise that we will continue to work hard on behalf of the membership to improve the whole environment where we can. I predict good times ahead for "lil ole Royal Ryton!"

So lets make September a big month! Lets enjoy the lightish nights, the warmish weather, and the superb course we have prepared for us by Pop and his loyal team! C'mon!

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Chairman's Blog August 2012

This is a working/live document and will be updated regularly


You will notice on the computer that we have put the new yardages against the holes (as measured on 20th August 2012)! This has been done to reflect the true length of the course. Obviously now the scorecards and the computer do not correspond. Please note that this does not alter how you put your scores into the computer in any way. When the new cards come we will alter the stroke indices.

We realise that we do have some qualifiers (Acheson Gray on 29th September and 6th October) for next years competitions and that it would be preferable/necessary for these rounds to be following the new distances and Stroke Indices. We are aware of this fact and will be ready to go in time for these qualifiers!


We have made a slight change to the site! In order to keep thing neat we are putting all the result from club competitions in the correct area of the site. They are split into the Mens and Ladies section in the "Members Golf" area of the site. Please visit them by clicking the below links:-

 If any competition winners would like their photograph to be put up alongside their name in this section the chairman would be more than pleased to do this!


The course has been measured which was the final hurdle before getting the new score cards printed. Interestingly the Medal tees have been measured 68 yards longer (the course is now 6099 yards long from 6031) the yellows are 93 yards longer and the reds 82 yards longer (now 5447 yards). This is very good news for SSS on competition days as hopefully with the degree of difficulty and Competition scores taken into consideration we should find SSS to 70 or 71 more often.


Course Re-measurement!

On Monday 20th August 2012 @ 8.30 am we will be having the course re-measured for our new cards, by Durham county. Please be aware that they will need right of way during this time for approximately 3 hours or so. It should not affect your game just let them through!

The main purpose behind this action is that the card at present is short in yards (of the medal tees, presently 6031) due to the changes that have occured over the years. We know that the course is difficult enough due to the trees and the number of out of bounds without being penalised on distances as well.

If the course measures up another 10 yards (to 6041) it should mean that the SSS for the course will be raised. We are hoping that this change will assist our Category 1 golfers to get even lower handicaps, but hopefully it will affect everybodies handicap over the next few years.


We are leasing 2 Fairway Riders in the next couple of weeks.

They will be available to members and visitors to use on the course.

The features are listed below:-

Foldable design for easy storage
2 speed drive with reverse
Front and rear shock absorbers
Eco friendly
Adjustable suspension for extra comfort
Handles hilly terrain with ease
36 hole capacity on a single charge
Helps retain ageing membership
Attracts new members
Appeals to members,guests,visitors and societies alike
Speeds Up Play Dramatically
Disabled Golf Society approved
Overcomes Equality Act 201

Please visit the website for further info:-


The golf season has drawn to a close and what a fantastic job Captain Mal has done this year. The teams finished mid table in both leagues. Well done to all the players on being fine ambassadors for the club. Click the link below to view final league standings:-

Hadrian League:-

North Durham League:-

New Captain Required

We turn our minds to next year now and it has been a sad fact that whilst Captain Mal has had a lot of support from various members, he has not had a Vice Captain. This leaves the club with a dilemma for next year as we are "Captainless!" I therefore put out an offer to all those who are interested in this most prestigious post to step forward. Whilst the role is time consuming it is very rewarding. The post commences from the AGM in January for a term of one full year. We offer the post holder free membership for the year and an expenses package which covers the majority of out of pocket expenses. If you feel you would be interested in this role I would be grateful to hear from you. Please email me at :-

If you would like to meet up for a chat about the main responsibilities i would only be too glad to do that!


We had a long and interesting Board Meeting last night. The minutes will be posted on the website, as soon as they are written up, in the members area. The board are currently working very hard to make Ryton an even better place to play golf.

We will improve signage around the course, have new score cards with new (odds and evens) stroke indices, we are going to get the Durham county to reassess the length of ther course off the medal tees in order to improve our SSS, we are looking at the feasability of purchasing an "Air Compressor" for shoe and trolley cleaning, we are hopefully leasing 2 electric golf buggies to hire to members and visitors, we have had the clock fixed and it will be working again very soon.  This is just a sample of the ways in which the members will see a difference at Ryton.

There are some good pictures of Captain Mals Presentation Evening in the news items please be sure to check them out. The race night was a great success and a good time was had by all. Sam Henderson won the £100 prize for the nearest the pin on the 18th in the shootout! Well don Sam.

The Barthorpe Final was played for on Saturday and I am pleased to say that it was won by myself and Gill Beauchamp. Please see the pictures of this in the "News Items" section too! Well done us!!!

Congratulations go to:-
Dave Liddle for his "Hole in One" at the 14th on Sunday 12th August.
Shaun Embleton who shot 71 to win the Johnson Memorial Trophy for the lowest gross score
David Marshall who shot a Nett 63 to win the Brian Finneran
Tommy Muldoon who won the tickets for NUFC's season opener v Spurs



Well hello everybody! Where have you been, i hear you all cry! Its been a very busy 3 weeks (on my hols!!!) for me as it seems to have been at Ryton Golf Club. I have missed you all and now i need to catch up with the goings on!

Where do I start? Chronologically I guess maybe an idea.

15th July - The Club Championship was won by Sam Henderson - Big congratulations for achieving this 2 years in a row.

29th July - Captains Day - A big success. Well done Mal!

5th August - The Gents Open - Thanks to the effort of everyone who pulled together to make this a successful competition (even after play had been suspended due to rain!) and congratulations to Henderson Snr and Jnr for their haul of 45 points to win the comp.

The NDL and HL teams have had a mixed season. In the HL we finished 6th out of 16 teams and in the NDL we finished 4th from 7. A great big "thank you!" should go to Captain Mal and his managers Shaun Embleton and Nigel Bendelow for their efforts throughout a long and difficult season. Well done guys! 

The Ladies Team had some magnificent wins in their leagues too. Well Done All!

We have another Board Meeting on Monday which may raise some interesting points for me to report in my blog. Please keep checking in.

I would like to say thank you also for the very hard work done by Michael Rutter in his new post of Secretary Manager. It never ceases to amaze me how he can get so much happening at the club with so few hours in his schedule!

The website is still being hit regularly. Last month (July) we welcomed 2900 "Unique Visitors" to the site, which is another all-time record. I continue to attempt to make the site more interesting and have added a "Golf Tips" section which is worth a look. Again if any of you have any ideas for items for this or any other part of the web please let me know. Photos of "Captains Day" and the "Open Competition" would be especially welcomed and will be posted! 

Congratulations should go to Dave Johnson who completed the Chairmans Quiz and won the 4 Ball to Ponteland. I am considering doing another one after the success of the July quiz. Watch this space.

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