Comments from the Chair - September 2016

Comments from the Chair : Comments from the Chair - September 2016

Our summer is almost over and I hope you have had a successful and enjoyable few months of golf. I would like to thank you all for your continued support for our club over this period.


Once again the members have performed well not only in the local leagues but at county and national levels and I must pay tribute to them all for their great efforts. Our club champions have now been decided and congratulation must go to Sarah Bendelow and Chris Stavers for winning their respective championships. 

The computer hardware and software problems that plagued us earlier is the season appear to have subsided for the short term, however this is one of the projects we may have to look at in the medium term for final resolution. Our irrigation system is in need of repair at various points throughout the course and we will look at how best to proceed with this task.

We still require your ideas for the `125` year celebration fund, please forward your ideas to Keith Pearson at your earliest opportunity. We have had a suggestion to do a number of smaller jobs throughout the golf club that a present we do not have the capital to proceed with; again I thank members for their ideas.

Our membership numbers and visitors green fees are down on a similar period to last year resulting in a reduction in our cash flow. All income and expenditure is being very closely monitored by our treasurer as we approach the end of our financial year. We may look to reintroduce the option of a 3 or 5 year membership offer to our members in light of our reduced cash flow. We have received a number of emails from our members expressing concerns at the number of visiting parties and the times allocated to them at weekends, we are attempting to reduce the impact on our playing members at weekends to minimise any disruption the visiting parties may cause. It is unfortunate that as a golf club we are very reliant on the cash generated by our visitors and it is something we are constantly reviewing as to the best way forward. We all need to work together and support our club in this challenging time.

Jimmy and Joyce have now taken over the tenancy of the golf club flat; I hope they enjoy the peace and quiet. We are looking to promote our upstairs room to provide function facilities for the wider community so please spread the word to your friends and relatives as this is a relatively untapped revenue stream.

Lastly I would like to thank you for your support and ask that we all work together for the benefit of our club.

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