Comments from the Chair - July 2017

Comments from the Chair : Comments from the Chair - July 2017

A very warm welcome to all our members both old and new, I would like to have said that I hoped you were enjoying the summer but after a brief spell of warm sunny days we appear to be back to wet and unpredictable weather, the weather experts say it will get better.

A flip side of the wet weather is the reduction in use of our irrigation system; we have incurred fairly hefty costs in relation to repairs in the early part of the summer, the resultant repairs appear to have increased the pressure in the system with the knock on effect that it has caused problems elsewhere on the course, notably the 11th teeing area and the 9th fairway, these are now hopefully resolved. The 4th hole will require further works to bring the area back to a presentable condition this includes additional top-soil and a review of the current fencing on the course side. The greens are almost back to their best and a little bit of warm weather will complete the progression.

By the time these comments reach the web-site the upgrade of the flooring in the bar and lounge area should be complete. This is the final act of our `125` year celebration and I would like to thank those members both past and present who worked tirelessly to raise just under £4000 for this project. I would like to thank the small number of members who gave up their time to carry out the painting; sanding, varnishing, repairs and the moving of furniture in the bar/lounge area, without their help the upgrade would have been far more expensive. I would like to thank a number of our sponsors who have contributed with their particular expertise to facilitate the refurbishment. The flooring project for the club was the decision from the majority of the members of what to do with the monies raised for the `125` year, I hope you agree once finished it is a job well done. The club appreciates your understanding and perseverance during the upgrade works.

The weekly lotto draw has now been running for 6 months and the jackpot now stands at almost £900 and the club have received over £400. This is a very worthwhile money raising event for our club and your continued support is very welcome. It is £1 per entry and is drawn weekly on Sunday lunchtime, you can have as many entries as you like. One idea for how to use the money raised was to introduce energy saving devices throughout the club, another is to repair the famous clock, ` watch this space`.

The management of the club are continually looking at ways to reduce our expenditure and increase our income, One of the changes we have made is with the club insurance (a cost which rose substantially a couple of years ago) by changing to another provider. If you inadvertently hit a ball into the car park and it damages a vehicle it is important that you inform the office or bar staff so that we may record and investigate the incident and review any necessary vehicle repairs. As a club we are still dependant on visitor green fees and visiting parties and where as we endeavour to reduce the impact of these groups on our members there are occasions when crossovers occur between the times of the visitors and the members wishing to play golf. We as a board, request you please be patience with the parties as they are important financially to our club. In the event of inclement weather, the club web site is updated with the course conditions at about 08:00hrs, however, by ringing the club telephone number - 0191 4133253 - and selecting option 4, our head green keeper updates the message after his early morning inspection to decide if the course is open or closed.

It is Captains Day this Saturday and your support for Nigel on this day would be very much appreciated. There are some fantastic prizes available to win; a lot of effort has been put by Nigel during his captaincy and your participation in this day would be more than welcome.

I would like to thank you all for your continued support and commitment to work together for the benefit and interests of our club.



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