Chairmans Blog September 2013

Comments from the Chair : Chairmans Blog September 2013


A long but productive Board meeting on Monday night. A great deal of business related to the course was discussed (a few more alterations and improvements). Watch this space! I urge you to read the minutes when they are put on the site in the members area.


Just played in the Vets Comp "Americas Cup". I cannot believe how perfect conditions were. Not a breath of wind and a beautiful temperature too. Hopefully the Indian summer is going to happen. The course was again absolutely stunning. Really looking forward to the weekends Barthorpe Cup Final. As reigning champions we need to put up a bit of a show!

Board meeting next Monday. All the working parties are reporting as to how to move the strategy forward. It will be interesting to see the ideas that Board members have for the clubs future.


September already but we are still bathed in glorious sunshine. Its still wonderful to come down to RGC and see the work that has been carried out to tidy up and improve the course. Thanks to Pop and the crew and of course Dave Houghton for the most amazing effort. I am certainly happy about the fact that the fairways and many pins are visible now and that we are able to see the stunning beauty of our course. The course has become much more playable in my opinion. There are fewer places to lose your ball and most times you still get the opportunity to play it, albeit sideways! The course remains a tough little gem but its fabulous. I am monitoring scores weekly to assess the difference made by theses alterations. At present there is no conclusive evidence that much has changed with regards scoring.

The Ladies have won yet again! Beating Selkirk GC Ladies on Sunday and moving into the last 8 in the Mail on Sunday must be the highlight of the year for me as Chair. I could burst with pride. Well done both players and the spectators. It was a great occasion. We now look forward to the draw! We mustn't look to far ahead. One game at a time, as they say! But who knows ........... fingers and legs crossed!

The ladies also won the Anderson League this season. Beating all comers on our own patch. A simply marvelous effort!

I was also proud this weekend to witness the finals of the Calcutta Cup matches. The Victors Mat Turton (singles) Peter Tomlinson (Cat 2) and the father and son team of Bob and Chris Stavers (doubles) are all to be heartily congratulated for their performances. Well done!

Lets all hope we have an "Indian Summer" so that we can continue as long as possible to enjoy the course as it should be. It certainly will be a sad day when we move over to the temporary greens even though those too seem to be looking pretty good.

As you will already be aware I am very interested in stats! Golf is a game of figures! Your score is a statement of how good you are as a player and it is very difficult to argue your handicap based on your prior performances. It is my opinion that the same can be said about the course. It plays very difficult at time and less so at others, but monitoring its performance interests me greatly. I will continue to report my findings!

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