Chairmans Blog October 2014 - Lucy Update

Comments from the Chair : Chairmans Blog October 2014 - Lucy Update

Lucy Update 19th October 2014

Spoke with Lucy today and she is now at home! Wooooohooooo!

She is doing really well and walks on her own around the house. Her arm is gradually coming back to life and she and everybody else is extremely pleased with the progress she is making. C'mon

We love her and miss her so much and if we all send positive thoughts she will be back down the club before we know it!

Lucy Update: 12th October 2014

Spoke with our beautiful, wonderful, darling Lucy tonight and I can inform you all that she walked down the corridor on her own today. She is doing so well! She has some way to go with her left arm and hand but there are definate signs of improvement every day. She thanks you all for the many cards she has had (over 60) but she made a special mention of the wonderful card she got from the vets section (which brought her to tears). Lets continue to send her love and positive thoughts. C'mon!


I am going to start by saying that I am absolutely devastated that our darling Lucy Harris is in hospital as I write, having had a stroke! I cannot wait for her to get better and get back down to the club. I know she is sorely missed by everyone. I ask you all to send her love, best wishes and get well soon messages. Luv ya!

Now to extremely less important things, golf!

That's it! Summer has come and gone and we must now baton down the hatches in preparation for the long winter months. But hey......its been a dry summer and a good season! Today was the last day for us to play off the whites on summer tees until April next year. Hopefully however we will still be on the greens until well into the winter (fingers crossed). As from Monday the usage of mats is optional. This is  to begin the process of protecting our beautiful course. We all know what a difference the usage of mats over the winter months has made over the last two seasons. So let us all have a long hard think about how we want the course to look in April and get the mats out now. You know it makes sense.

The financial ledger is closed for this year! "I wonder how we did financially this season" I hear you ask! Well the answer seems to be "as predicted"! A satisfactory year taking everything into consideration but not turning a huge profit due to all the money spent on the course! We will need to wait until the accountants have weaved their magic and come up with the final audited accounts which we will of course present to you at the AGM in January.

I have to be honest I have been thinking long and hard about being "Chair" moving into the future. Its not the easiest or nicest job at times and this season has been littered with comments which have made me wondered why I bother. I think to myself "Surely people can see that the course and the financial position has improved!" "Surely people can see that the 70 odd thousand pound the club gets in from visitors is essential!" "Surely all the tree work we did has had a positive effect on our course!" "Surely members appreciate the hard work of the Secretary/Manager!" "Surely ................!" I sincerely hope that this is the case or then it really is time to give someone else the chance to try to please our members.

I would like to say a huge congratulations to Steve Lee for becoming this years Calcutta singles winner and to Peter Liddle and James Lambert for winning the doubles this weekend. They are all very deserving of the title of Champions since it has been a long hard journey to the final. well done


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