Chairmans Blog November 2014

Comments from the Chair : Chairmans Blog November 2014


Firstly and of course most importantly:-

I am very pleased to report that Lucy Harris, our very special and beautiful board member is now finally back home. Having met with her yesterday the improvement she has made is amazing. She was even able to get down to the club during the week. I am so pleased to see this marvellous progress. I cannot wait to see her back hitting a ball. C'mon. Luv ya!

The job of County Development Officer for Northumberland has become more and more all consuming and my involvement at the club has been less and less over the past 2/3 months. I am not happy with this situation but graft comes first as it pays the bills! I am as still committed as ever as my heart is still very much at RGC and maybe as the job becomes more settled then I will be able to spend more time at the club. It would seem however that by saying little and doing little I am getting a lot less aggravation! Catch 22!

I have not as yet had sight of the books but we have a board meeting Monday night and from this meeting we begin the preparation for the AGM (that's come around quickly). I am very much hoping that they show that income and expenditure were very close. I always like that we spend on improvements (investing!) when we have money and this I think we have done. The course still looks fabulous and the greens although a little soft run true as ever. I cannot wait to sample the new winter card with the 2nd and the 12th as par 5's (should be easy!!!!!!!!). I hope you all see it as a good addition to our marketing campaign! "Come to Ryton GC and sample its long par 72 course!"

Well its time to dust off the yellow balls. (Those pesky white leaves!) and wash the winter woollies ready for the very cold days. I am always fascinated to see what people wear to keep warm through the short days of the year. Hats with big bobbles on the top seem to be the latest fashion statement and with Xmas patterns on! I think I will be getting one real soon. I see Ciaron has got a marvellous selection of waterproof trousers! They will sell like hot cakes. I have to be honest I always embrace winter golf and in some strange way look forward to crazy bounces off frozen temps (crackers)! Its always great fun and I just can't wait to hear all of those people who say time and time again "This is ridiculous!" "Why are we playing!" and "We must be mad!" but they still turn up week in and week out (to get their monies worth!) They love it really. Bring it on!

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