Chairmans Blog May 2015 - +Fire Update

Comments from the Chair : Chairmans Blog May 2015 - +Fire Update

Whatever happened to April? It simply was gone in a heart beat. I am sorry I did not get chance to write a blog but I've got a fire on my mind. I am sure you will understand.

I will use this space as a chance to give you all an update.

The good news is that the Eastern and Western trenches at the extremities of the fire have been dug. This means that the fire is not going to spread any further. Phew!

The bad news is that the fire is not out and our course is looking worst for wear. We now have to deal with the aftermath of very heavy rain and very heavy machinery across our hallowed turf and the simple matter (not) of putting the fire out. We also have to deal with the thorny issue of the Keelman Way. It has to be reinstated ASAP so that the golf can get back to normal.

I would like to thank all of the people at the club who have done so much including Gill Beauchamp, Don Smithson and Michael Moffitt. Although the job is not yet done there has been a huge amount of effort made behind the scenes to get to this point.

As soon as I have any further information  for you about our next move I will let you know.

Now a little matter of golf! After all that is what we are there for isn't it! The teams have done really rather well so far this year (Except for a mauling at Matfen during the week) under the guidance of Captain Geordie, Vice Michael and the team Manager Matt Turton. So far they have progressed in the Mail on Sunday despite an intensely difficult away draw to old enemies Prudhoe. Well done all! In the North Durham league it has been good news all the way so far. Lets hope the boys can keep it going (no pressure).

Other that the damage caused by the works, the course is looking magnificent. The weather is starting to perk up a little. Sun and rain = growth. Growth = work and work = improvement. I feel that this year the course will be simply superb. I have played a great many other courses this year and there are none to touch our greens.

I am very much looking forward to the rest of the season and hope you are too. Lets just relax now and have a good one.

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