Chairmans Blog March 2013

Comments from the Chair : Chairmans Blog March 2013


Sorry, I have been off line for a few days due to computer problems so this blog is starting a little late this month. But it would seem that nothing is spoiling as the weather is keeping us all off the course at present. It seems like we are never going to get the season started!

So its nearing "Subscriptions" date. I really do hope that you have been satisfied with the service you have received this year and that it has represented value for money. Obviously we endeavor to please all of our members and we trust that you feel that the board listen and communicate sufficiently. This will continue this year I can assure you!

We are looking forward to (hoping for) an increase in membership this year but we can never be sure until the end of April what our financial position is. We have budgeted for further improvements around the place and are banking on a good response to our membership amnesty and various offers. We will of course communicate how well we have done and therefore what we feel we are able to do.

I called the board together for a strategy meeting 2 weeks ago and we came up with an extensive list of ideas and I am in the process of putting together a plan. It needs shaping up a little before it is published but when it is it will give you all an understanding of the direction we feel the club should be going. Of course i will be asking for your input as usual.

I am looking forward to March. The weather will improve, the nights will get longer, the temperature will rise, and we will all be smiling. I guess it is my quest to make everybody smile, but not always possible. I am certainly looking forward to "Andy's Charity Bash" on the 30th! That will certainly make me smile!

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