Chairmans Blog June 2015

Comments from the Chair : Chairmans Blog June 2015

Well, the fire is .......???? Difficult to say really! It's not out but it seems to be "under control".... ish!  We are in a position where we have to wait and see before we decide on any future works in the area. As you will have no doubt seen the new path has been completed by the Council on the course side of the 4th out of bounds, parallel to the fairway. The reasons for its situation here are long and complicated but, in simple terms we had no choice! It had to go there! This will mean that the 5th can come back into play as a par 5 with no issues. The 4th however is a different kettle of fish! We are going to put our thinking caps on, do some "tests", have some meetings, talk with some people, and finally come to a conclusion on what is the best and most cost effective method of getting the hole fully functional. Watch this space. We have a Board Meeting on Monday next week which will probably help us to decide the future for our wonderful 4th hole.

I am quite proud to say that we worked very well as a team at RGC to "solve" the problem to the best of our ability. They say adversity draws people together and in general this has been the case. The members have been very patient and understanding and the Board has been extremely involved, hard working and co-ordinated in their approach to the burn. My sincere thanks go to Gill Beauchamp, Mick Moffitt and Don Smithson for the work that they have put in and continue to do so. I have to say that Gateshead Council has been extraordinarily helpful and supportive throughout the process. It has taken only 5/6 weeks to get to where we are now from the commencement of digging. It may take a little time for the course to heal but, except for the "gouge" out of the 15th fairway (where only the really big boys can drive to) there seems to be little damage of note that will affect us golfers. If you do have any feedback on the process then please feel free to contact me on

The course improvements have caused consternation amongst a few of you but in the main they have been generally well received. I personally love to see my ball landing on the 16th fairway after my drive, a luxury which I have never had at RGC. Now the trees are reaching their peak size we have more of an idea of what tree work is required down the line. We know there is still plenty to do.

The season is now in full swing and many of the board comps are being competed for and it is good to see the level of interest in the comps. We certainly are seeing large numbers at the club at the moment. The gents are still in the Mail on Sunday and have a home fixture with Carlisle GC in the next round. Fingers crossed! The gents league teams are up and down at present. They have a great many fixtures due to playing in two leagues and it is wonderful to see the commitment from the lads at the club. Well done Captain Geordie and his side kick Matt Turton (50 shades of Beige) for keeping the players informed and their spirits high!

Big congratualtions should go to Ben Lloyd who carded a "Hole in One" in Saturdays comp. Thanks for the scotch! It was the good stuff too!!!

The ladies section comps seem to be going well at present with the spoils being shared around quite nicely! The Sivewright and Anderson league teams seem to be holding their own. Since I was captain in 2011 I have always been very proud of the ladies section at the club. Keep up the great work ladies!

The Visiting Parties seem to be passing through quite smoothly and the "Meet and Greet" policy has helped to ensure that our guest are treated as VIPs (as possible future members!). The snack buggy has gone down extremely well and is raising some revenue for the club.

We continue to improve things at the club and now the fire is, to a large extent, behind us then we can get on with the business of strengthening the finances and improving still further our wonderful facility. I have to say that once again we have the best greens that I have seen. In my role as CDO for Northumberland I get to see enough greens to know this fact. Many of the team members comment also that we are fortunate with what we have.

Well that's me for now. I look forward to just playing some golf without my mind on other things!

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