Chairman's Blog June 2014

Comments from the Chair : Chairman's Blog June 2014


Well the Captains Trip to Newbiggin was fabulous! Enough said! I guess you just had to be there.

So many things are happening at present at the club it's hard to keep up with it. Finals, County, Opens, Trips, V.P.'s, etc etc I am so pleased with it all! There are so many other things that we want to do but not enough time or "personpower" to get it done.


We had yet another decent board meeting on monday where we made some interesting decisions.

We may be involved with a very different and innovative advertising campaign in the very near future. I will not spoil the surprise on my blog, please wait and see. We voted to open the 1st tee for business for the weekend. We hope that it is not too early and that it doesn't get damaged too much over the weekend. We have not used it over past weeks due to the wet weather, and because we see it as the "cover by which our book is judged"!

Financially we are holding our own but have had a very expensive May! It is necessary for us to raise yet more funds even though green fees are doing very well comparitive with last year. With this in mind you may see some very interesting offers out there, in order to be competitive with other clubs offers. For us, maintaining numbers is never going to be good enough.


I have not had a lot to report lately, everything seems to be going too well. I guess no news is good news!

The course is looking fantastic, the members seem to be happy, the deals are going down well, visiting parties don't seem to be causing any problems, the weather is decidedly average, the teams are doing OK (ish), the captain is behaving himself (presently), there is little or no moaning about slow play, nobody is questioning CSS at present! What can go wrong?

Its interesting that in times like these i always feel a little nervous as if the next big problem or "moan" is just around the corner (by "moan" I of course really mean "astute and well percieved observations!"). What could it be? Who will it be? When it comes I will inform you all of course.

We have another finance meeting tomorrow and a board meeting on monday. It is obviously a very important time of the year for us and we need to know exactly where we are and what the future may possibly hold. But I am quietly optimistic that this year will be very similar to last year. Pretty good really!

We have some great competitions ahead. The diary is still pretty full! We still have many people coming to the club and complimenting us on what we have done. So let us be very positive and "onwards and upwards!"

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