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Comments from the Chair : Chairmans Blog June 2013


After a very productive and interesting Board Meeting on Monday night it falls upon me as Chair of RGC to write a response on behalf of the Board to all of those members that sent in emails to the Sec/Man after their round on Sunday 2nd June 2013 with comments about the day. There was indeed a party of over 30 paying guests on the course which teed of immediately prior to some of our members. Their round of golf was unfortunately inconvenienced by the party as they were late teeing off and the large party also created a very slow round of golf.

Further to the email that the Sec/Man has sent out previously to all members and following a full and frank Board discussion on Monday I would like report that we do not have any large parties booked in from now on til the end of the season, which could cause the same or a similar inconvenience. We have looked through the parties that are booked in and we feel that we have spread them out amongst the members usual tee off times in order that each of us "take a hit"! It is appreciated that this inconvenience should be kept to a minimum for our members. Whilst we appreciate that the club relies on members subscriptions to finance the club to a great extent, it does not cover our annual costs. We need to continue to seek revenue from other sources. Visitoring parties continue to be a financially important option. In fact we have a projected income of nearly £19,000 from March to September from this income strand.

We fully appreciate that whilst we have given a mandate to the Sec/Man to create income for the club we need to be very careful not to cause undue upset to the membership. The Board accept that this party was larger than usual and it is in the interest of the club to ensure this exceptional circumstance does not occur again.

We hope that this statement on behalf of the board will put minds at rest. We do put members first. We do understand your issues relating to this. We will endeavour to keep you all aware of future potential inconveniences and trust that you will understand that importance of this revenue.

It should be said that we have had the luxury, over previous years, of a relatively quiet course. Members have enjoyed and to a certain extent become acustomed to this. This is and always will be an untenable future strategy and does not make any financial sense. We are therefore filling tee slots that have not historically been used. This strategy has to and will continue. Whilst we do not have a tee booking system members are obviously advised to refer to the diary on the web (which is always kept up to date) in order to ensure that tee slots are available. This does include weekends which of course are premium tee slots.

If you have any further comments about this matter please feel free to contact me on


What a great weekend at RGC. The Medal Saturday was testing, traditional golf and sunday was the competitive but fun Invitation Day. I must admit to having enjoyed both enormously. The course is looking absolutely fantastic right now. I would say the best it can possibly be. I am always amazed at the way the Greenstaff present it. Presently there is no semi-rough! the course has so much more definition due to this. Pop and the boys are leaving just a little more grass on the fairways which seems to be to the liking of the majority of the members. The grass is seeding throughout the course which is obviously a good sign for the future. The rough is getting tougher and is "whispy" at present. It makes for some very interesting shots. I played with Shaun and saw him play the most amazing driver off the deck on the right of 13 to 10 yards from the green. Yet when i played from it the grass got tangled around the club and made life very difficult.

There are many interesting discussion points for the Board meeting tomorrow night. Not least of which will be our visitors policy. Please read the minutes when they are posted.


Its June already! Does this mean that summer is finally with us or half over. The way the climate is going it is difficult to know.

However we have started this month with some lovely days and the course is in its finery at present. Well done lads!

I was proud to be at the club for the "Chairmans Cup" this Sunday and hope that all those who won champagne enjoyed a little decadence on me! I have to report that I was nowhere near any of the pins this weekend.

It seems to be the holiday season. Groups going to Turkey All Inclusive and Florida for 2 weeks and of course the annual pilgrimage to Scotland at the end of this month. It's wonderful to have the opportunity to travel and enjoy this wonderful game. I wish everybody the very best on their trips and hope you all come home safely to play on the best course in the world.......well the North East of England at least!

I am pleased to see the shop doing so well and that RGC members are supporting Ciaran's new venture. He has some fab stuff and some great ideas to get us shopping. He really is switched on and supporting the club in so many ways. I think we need to make sure we go to him first for any clothing or equipment we need. I know he will give us a good deal!

Paul Liddell was fantastic. Those of you who missed it should be kicking yourselves. He is going to be big, of that I am sure.

Its great to see the Ladies Section doing so well both in the leagues and knockouts. Let's hope they can bring some silverware to the club this year. Maybe it's something to do with having a beautiful new kit! Thanks again Persimmon!

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