Chairmans Blog January 2016

Comments from the Chair : Chairmans Blog January 2016

Happy New Year

Well I hope you all had a really great festive season and your batteries are fully charged for the coming "dank" months! Look on the bright side the shortest day has passed (Dec 22nd) so the nights are gradually getting lighter.

I suppose all it has to do now is stop raining! As I write this missive the course is closed and there seems no signs of any good weather any time soon!

"Whats been happening" I hear you say! "No December Blog!" I hear you say! Well I had a rest and a think! But I am back and looking forward to the future.

We recently held a "Past Captains Dinner" at the club which was fabulous. It was great to see so many "Old Hands" at the club to enjoy a "Joyce and Jim Special Carvery". Delicious! The "Pears in Red wine" have to be sampled to be believed! As is tradition the past captains voted on who they wanted as their "Vice Captain" next year and I am very pleased to inform the members that Nigel Bendelow was elected and shall work alongside Captain Elect Michael Thompson next year. It should be a good one! Good luck to both of you.

The AGM is upon us! It would be great to see a full house on Wednesday 13th January. We do have a decission to make regarding subscriptions so it is important you all have your vote. As you will know by now the committee have recommended that they go up by either £20 or £30 and have created two motions for the members to vote on. We will see what we will see on the night.

Before all this bad weather the course was holding up really well and we were able to play the normal greens most of the time. We still have not had a real frost to worry us but no doubt that will come in the next couple of months. I am pleased to see that people are using the mats and the ropes are working to keep traffic away from the "sensitive" areas. Well done green staff. We are aware that at times it becomes "plodgy" but ........ Hey Ho that is winter golf for you! Our course seems to heal very quickly when the better weather comes.

I will sign off now by saying that I hope you are happy at the club and that if you are not for any reason then you tell us so we can try to do something about it. It would be nice to think that come subscriptions time you all are very happy to stay at the club for another year.

Take care and winter well!


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