Chairmans Blog January 2015

Comments from the Chair : Chairmans Blog January 2015

Well what a week! What with Board Meetings and AGM's we have all been pretty busy.

Lets deal with the Board Meeting first....... We are moving forward next year with a few more new ideas. I ask you to take a look at the minutes. Its all very exciting and little bit "new territory" but we hope that next season will be even better. 

I am sorry to see Claire leave the Board because she contributed a great deal to the meetings and she is a very positive person. But good luck to her in the future.

Now the AGM...... Wow! It seemed to go very smoothly this year. There were absolutely no questions about the accounts which completely floored me. It is extremely pleasing that they were accepted without question! That probably will be the first time and last that we will see that. I know that Michael Rutter, Michael Moffitt and Dave Wilson too were extremely happy with that reaction.

Its great to welcome some new blood onto the committee. We welcome Steve Wilson Snr, Geoff Ross, and Past Captain Keith Pearson on board. They will all no doubt put their stamp on the role and bring fresh sets of eyes to matters. I look forward to the next Board Meeting!

Again a big thanks to Paul Stocks for his year as Captain and I wish Geordie Allison the very best for the year. C'mon!

The Q and A session afterwards was a little more "intense"! It could never be classed as enjoyable to be questioned by the membership but I have to say it remained very upbeat and positive. I felt that some very good ideas came out of this process too. They will be all discussed at the next board meeting where we can action those that we feel will make a difference and are in the best interests of the club and its members.

I finish this blog by thanking the 75 members who took the time to come out on a very cold January evening to partake of this annual event and hope that they feel it was a positive and worthwhile experience.

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