Chairmans Blog February 2016

Comments from the Chair : Chairmans Blog February 2016

Well what a January that was! Wind, rain and more of the same! I can't remember a time when ................ blah blah! Still thats all gone now. The nights are getting lighter and the weather is becoming milder........... until next week no doubt. Lol!

We have a great deal to look forward to at the club over the coming weeks and months. Please remember this is our 125 year in existence and Past Captain K.P. is doing his damnedest to ensure this will be a year to remember. Lets get into the spirit and celebrate every minute we are at the club! There are going to be many events/comps and celebrations to be involved with. I will be there to support our fine little club! We are still trying to raise money for the "125 Fund" which currently stands at £1935 in order to purchase something meaningful and memorable for the club. Our target was £2000 but I think if we work hard we can double that at least by our Celebration Night on Saturday 8th October.

I hope Captain Michael is ready to go. He has a tough 5/6 months ahead now. Matches, presentations, meetings, 125 events etc etc. I know you will all be behind him and supporting him as much as you can. To begin with we are intending to hold a "Joint Captains Day" at the club on 9th April. It should be a great start to the season.

Before that we have the finals of the FedEx (weekend) and DHL (midweek) comps. They should be very competitive considering the effort that has gone into them and the participation levels in the winter comps this year! The top 72 will compete. Shotgun start. March 26th and 27th. Be prepared! Love it!

Oh and don't forget the one you love on the 14th! You've been together how long??????????????

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