Chairman's Blog February 2014

Comments from the Chair : Chairman's Blog February 2014


Really looking forward to a knock this weekend. I know the course is still wet but I really appreciate the effort being made by the staff to keep as many holes playable as possible. We will reap the benefits come the summer months for sure. Its great to see that thought has been given to traffic. Starting on 15 and taking the pressure of the 1st which is getting very damaged is in my opinion for the best.

It would seem that RGCTV goes live tomorrow. I look forward to it with a touch of apprehension. You never know what could be put on there. Maybe the Chairman will have to sensor it! Please be aware that any interview involving me was done with tongue in cheek and for the sense of fun. When it comes to the crunch and when we need some really important information then things will be done correctly. (I will probably be wearing my tie!)

Captain Paul went to this years Hadrian League AGM at Newcastle GC this week and reports that we have drawn the "Auld Enemy 2" in the Davison Cup (Prudhoe). Now that is a tough draw.; But as they say you have to beat the best teams sometime on the way to winning trophies! Better in the first round I would say!


What a great start to the season for RGC. The lads produced a fantastic 3-2 result at the home of the "Auld Enemy" Tyneside GC in the Mail on Sunday. Captain Paul Stocks has certainly rallied his troops and its looking good for the future of the league teams. We have a few more Category 1 golfers at the club, so watch out for the fixture list and get down to the club and get behind Paul. Well done boys.


I enjoyed the Board Meeting on Monday night! Not often I say that I must be honest, but I feel we have a really good balance of experience and a with a fresh influx of enthusiasm we can progress still further with our strategies.

Great to have Steve Dix on board! I know he has the club at heart and has an eye for what is needed on and off the course and I look forward to working with him. Of course he is a Past Captain and was Secretary for a number of years and his experience is wide and varied. He is a huge asset to the board. 

The new captain Paul Stocks has decided to attend meetings. This is fantastic news as he brings fresh and "novel" ideas to the meeting. I am sure this year will be a successful one for him because he is "revved up" and ready to go. I wish him every success and good luck to him and the boys on Sunday in the Mail on Sunday at local rivals Tyneside.

Michael Thomson was unable to make this meeting due to a holiday but I have seen his passion for RGC through his work as vets captain last year. I certainly look forward to his input.

Sage advice was again available from the "old hands". I sincerely think this is going to be another good year! C'mon!


First board meeting with the new board next week (10/2/14), I wonder how that will go. We have a few interesting items to get our teeth into so it maybe a good way of finding out how people think. The summer season is not too far away now and there are a few things that we would like to get sorted before the season starts.

The dust seems to have settled on the AGM. I hope all members were satisfied with the democratic way that the motions were dealt with. Decisions will not please 100% of members it is obvious, but the majority decide! I am still not happy with the decision to reinstate the OOB on the 4th fairway but........ hey ho......  the democracy has spoken and so be it! Yesterday I put 2 in the ditch off the tee which eventually reduced my round to 35 points and I didn't get upset (well OK just a little) I hope members will not regret this reversal throughout the season. I know scores will be affected negatively! Its the same for everyone i guess!

Feb and March are strange months. Its all about the anticipation of what will be from April forward. I am quietly optimistic about membership levels. I do hope that all of you see RGC as value for money and you will stay. I have not heard of any mass exodus as yet and would be surprised if there was one. In effect we have recruited reasonably well so far and have welcomed back some of our old friends from Tyneside and even better some new ones. We stated at the AGM that we could do with recruiting more members. Please remember the new offer of £100 off fees for a member introducing a new member or indeed a credit of £150 for the bar. Sounds like an excellent deal, so please try your hardest to help us recruit.

I am looking forward to see what the new Captain has up his sleeve for the season. He is very proactive and is really looking forward to the job. He has my support! Please get behind him!


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