Chairmans Blog December 2014

Comments from the Chair : Chairmans Blog December 2014


Well preparations are going ahead nicely for the AGM in just a little over a months time. I am pleased to report that the club has continued to move towards financial stability by showing its third consecutive year of profit. I am very pleased with this considering the amount of money we spent this year on the course. I am pleased now looking back that we did this although at times I was not so sure. After all its just one big juggling act, there are no sure ways to get the job done and still balance the books.

We are going to have some places spare on the board this year. One or two "tenures" are coming to an end and a couple of members have decided to stand down. We did operate one short for half of the year this year and it would be really nice to have a full compliment. So please carefully consider the opportunity to be a director of the club. If you have something to offer, you have the club at heart and you are able to commit a bit of time to helping us improve the place still further then you maybe the ideal person.

As we are moving towards the festive season let me take this opportunity to wish you and yours an absolutely fabulous Chrimbo and wonderful New year. You all deserve it as you have been fantastic members and very patient with me (in the main) this year. I am going to stand again this year if you will have me but I put it out there that if there is anyone with a huge desire to have a go at the job, then stand! Put your name on the board when the list goes up! The only criteria for the job as I see it is the following:


  1. Broad shoulders
  2. Deep pockets
  3. Time rich
  4. A massive sense of humour
  5. A good memory
  6. An ability to work under extreme pressure

and I can hear you saying under your breaths "How the heck did Paul Whittaker get the job then?" I agree of course! Haha!

Looking back if someone were to say to me early 2012 (when co-opted as Chair) that this would be the position at the end of 2014 then I think I would have done it all again! So no real complaints then!

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