Chairmans Blog December 2012

Comments from the Chair : Chairmans Blog December 2012


Can I take this oportunity to wish each and every member of this wonderful club the very best for the festive season. Thank you for all of your kind words and support this year which I have to say I have really enjoyed. May all of your dreams come true and I hope you enjoy rude health throughout the coming season. Bring it on!

All I can say now is..........


Lets get Xmas out of the way and all of the New Year hullabaloo and then get down to business again. I implore you all to turn up and fill the clubhouse. The more the merrier. I hope you have been able to access, on the website, all the paperwork necessary for the evening. If not you should have picked it up from the bar or have had it sent out to you directly. Please follow the following link.



Another productive meeting last night at the club. I am very impressed with the way the Board is working on your behalf at present and with a great deal of optimism. Please check out the minutes on the website.

Can I remind you all that the AGM will be held at the club on 16th January 2013. We look forward to a full house and an optimistic view into the future of the club. The documentation is being prepared at this moment to go out to you all. Please keep your eyes peeled for the notices that are soon to go up.

We have decided to introduce the use of Fairway Mats on the course from 1/1/13. Members can either purchase their own mat or purchase a St Andrews Fairway Mat from the Sec/Man for £3.50. The rule will be that we play from a mat or move the ball into the semi rough and play from a preferred lie in the semi. The purpose of this ruling is to protect the course for the summer months.

The dress code is to be further relaxed. We decided that socks no longer need to be white when wearing shorts.

We are to have another musical evening on Feruary 16th. Tickets will be on sale soon.


Movember has come and gone (£1500 raised for Cancer Research) and now we really are into the depths of winter golf. November was another good month financially at the club where we have exceeded our projection. I would like to sincerely thank all those who have been involved in raising the profile of "lil ole Royal Ryton" and continuing the marketing campaign to ensure our club becomes a great place to play both as a member and as a visitor and use as a venue for celebrations.

As we move forward it may be worthwhile reflecting on our recent efforts of the board to improve the course and its facilities! To date I have noted a few changes at the club which I am sure we are all appreciative of:-

New Clubhouse Windows - Decoration of clubhouse and stairs - New Pool Table - Fairway Riders (Cheaper Prices for Members) - New Hire Pull Trolleys - New Rijo Coffee Machine - Leather Sofas and Coffee Tables (to arrive prior to Xmas) - Shoe Cleaner (being prepared) - New Tee Box 7th (main) and 18th (winter) - New Website Slicker Design (and consequent "branding" of the club) - Improved Communication via Email/Newsletters (cutting cost of External Marketing and Internal Communication) - New Blinds in clubhouse - New Greens Cutter - Increased Membership - Big Lockers - Increased Prize Money and Competitions (FedEx) - Cheap Bar Prices for members (compared with visitors) - Greater usage of the clubhouse as a venue for Weddings, Birthdays and Christenings - Improved financial position - Changed Stroke Indices and new cards and sponsors - A course remeasure - 

No doubt there are a few things i have forgotten but my point is that we are trying hard on behalf of our membership.

As we move ever closer to the 2013 AGM it is very important that we ensure that our members are happy. We of course would like to retain our membership level if not elevate it somewhat in order that next year we can focus more on members golf and less on the need to attract visitors. We appreciate balancing the books whilst keeping all members happy is a complex and sometimes impossible task. Next year why dont you think about getting nominated for the Board and turn some of your ideas into practice.

Please watch out for the notices that are about to go up regarding this and the documentation that will go out to you all to inform you of the event. It would certainly be good this year if we had a large turnout and could move forward into 2013 with a really positive outlook.

We still do not have a Captain for 2013. This for me is an uncomfortable position. It would be impossible to run the club without someone in this extremely important position. I ask yet again "Is there anyone out there who would consider it?"

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