Chairmans Blog August 2015

Comments from the Chair : Chairmans Blog August 2015

Another busy month has flown by. All sorts of things happening at the club. Shame the weather hasn't been particularly good so that we can reap the benefits, but we have done OK. It has to be said that despite all of the rain the course has only been closed for one day. I am always amazed at the way the course drains. I am still so thankful for the foresight of the directors who decided that drainage was a good idea! Boy was it a good investment.

We are getting towards the end of the leagues now for both the men and the ladies teams. It's always a really tough 3 months for the captains and organisers. Thank you so much for your time and effort! The league season has had it ups and downs but we have always been competitive and represented the club marvelously. Well done to all of the players too!

I am looking forward very much to this weekends Men's Club Championship. Two days of fierce competition! This year is going to be a close one as there are many more good players at the club. I wish you all the very best of luck. I hope to finish at least in the top 10! The Men's Calcutta Cup, singles and doubles, are getting to the serious part (Semis). Good luck to all of you who have reached this stage. Fiercely competitive this year again!

The fire seems to be "under control" at present. Whilst it is still hot in places it doesn't seem to be worsening. Lets all keep our fingers crossed that it will eventually go out for good. It is so nice to have our 4th back to a par 4 but I have to say I play it completely differently now. No "Big Dog"! Just a baffie these days to ensure I don't go out of bounds. It would be interesting to get feedback from the membership about what you feel should be done to improve the hole. Fencing? Trees? Netting? so many options of course but the budget is tight! (Emails please, not on the course!!!)

The Shop! What to do! Its a real dilemma! Michael has done a fabulous job of stocking it with marvelous offers and tremendous quality. How we move forward with this is still under discussion. Your thoughts and ideas would be very well received on this subject also. (Emails please, not out on the course!!!!)

I completed my "Longest Day Challenge" at Bedlington shire Golf Club. Thank you to all who bought raffle tickets and sponsored me. The final figure is not in yet but it is certainly over £1500. It's all going to "Macmillan Cancer Research" which I hope you all appreciate is a very good cause.

I remain optimistic/positive that the club will be financially OK again this year despite the expense associated with the fire. This is in no small part due the hard work of all concerned at the club who have tried to make a positive contribution. Thank you to them. I would like to finish this blog with an offer to everyone out there who thinks they could do better and has ideas to get involved. It is important you stand up and be counted rather than comment in the background about how you could do things better! Please get on the Board at the next opportunity and make your ideas come to fruition.

To finish off.......................a 6 Ball in a 4BBB....................really? Need I say any more! I know what would happen if I did it! (Thoughts by email please, not on the course!!!)

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