Update on the course / adjacent areas - please read!

General Club Noticeboard : Update on the course / adjacent areas - please read!

On the second hole, some waymarker signs are to be added to the concrete out of bounds posts at the easternmost end of this hole, to encourage walkers to remain alongside the railway line rather than cutting across the far end of the golf course.

On the fourth hole - you will notice some of the Heras fencing has been moved from the edge of the out of bounds area, to alongside the permanent fence protecting the 'burn' area.  This is because some subsidence within the 'burn' area has resulted in the combustion spreading close to the edge of the path.  This will be monitored and it may be necessary at some point to reposition part of the permanent fencing in this area.  We will keep you informed re this.  Please be aware that no-one should be teeing off on the 4th hole when people are using the path alongside the fourth fairway, this will be even more important now that there are gaps in the Heras fencing.

On the sixth hole - Gateshead Council intends to regrade the very steep section of path close to the edge of the 6th fairway (near the access track to the greenkeepers' sheds) and to incorporate timber revetments to hold up the new edges of the path, including along part of the edge of the hole where the ground is giving way.  This is anticipated as happening in a couple of months time.  At the same time the Council will put up a short section of post and rail fencing along this edge, in the hope that this will encourage people to use the right of way and not the golf course.

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