Trees on the course - some important information

General Club Noticeboard : Trees on the course - some important information

Following a review of the course and the decision by the Board that the 4th gents medal tee is to be brought back into play, you may notice that some work has been and will be done to a few of the trees on the golf course.

This can be summarised as:

  • 4th hole - in the area of the footpath / cross bunker (south end) - one of the poplars here has a bad crack in one limb, this is to be removed and the adjacent tree similarly reduced to match the appearance of its neighbour.
  • 4th hole - the two small trees in the former shrub bed, and the two adjacent trees to the left, that were previously reduced in height, are to be removed in order to open up a line of sight from the medal tree towards the left hand side of the 4th fairway.  This will provide a route for tee shots played from the medal tee, towards an opening in the trees between the 4th and 16th holes.  This will also hopefully ensure that there is less of a risk of tee shots straying towards the path, from this tee box.  However the same rule will apply to golfers using this tee as to those using the one on the opposite side of the 3rd hole: you must not hit a tee shot when there are people on the path.  It will be up to your playing partners to check that the path is clear before golfers tee off.  At some point the club will erect a small length of more permanent fencing on the corner of the path as an additional protection to walkers and cyclists.  It is hoped that some new tree planting can also take place on this corner, in due course.
  • 10th hole - the two end trees on the left of the medal tee box are to be removed to increase the area available to aim at, when playing from this tee.

If anyone has any queries regarding any of this, please contact a member of the Board.  Thank you.

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