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Job Vacancy

Part Time Bar Vacancy available.

Must Be Flexible.

Approx 12-16 hours per week.

Enquire on 0191 4133253 and ask for Agnes, Bar Manager.  

Created: 08-Jun-17 14:06

Ladies Sivewright team result

The ladies Sivewright team played their away match at Whickham on June 20th and came away with a narrow defeat, 3-2.  Hopefully we can reverse the situation with the return home match!

Created: 20-Jun-17 18:35

Ladies England Golf Ping competition results

Seven pairs of ladies competed in the Ping 4 ball better ball competition on a very hot Sunday June 18th, the results are:

1st Jaci Fennon and Cath Oxley, 41 points

2nd (over the back nine) Jean Reid and Maureen Rook, 40 points

3rd Claire Miller and Gill Beauchamp, 40 points

Created: 18-Jun-17 18:48

Ladies Centenary Cup

Eleven ladies competed for the Centenary Cup on a very windy Sunday June 11th, the results are:

1st Fiona Hartley, 32 points

2nd Ena Robson, 31 points

3rd Jaci Fennon, 29 points

Created: 11-Jun-17 18:57

Local Rule Addition - Accidental Ball Moved Amendment

Local Rule – Ryton Golf Club

Please note the following local rule amendment.

Accidental Movement of a Ball on a Putting Green

Rules 18-2, 18-3 and 20-1 are modified as follows:

When a player’s ball lies on the putting green, there is no penalty if the ball or ball-marker is accidentally moved by the player, his partner, his opponent, or any of their caddies or equipment.

The moved ball or ball-marker must be replaced as provided in Rules 18-2, 18-3 and 20-1.

This Local Rule applies only when the player’s ball or ball-marker lies on the putting green and any movement is accidental. 

Note: If it is determined that a player’s ball on the putting green was moved as a result of wind, water or some other natural cause such as the effects of gravity, the ball must be played as it lies from its new location. A ball-marker moved in such circumstances is replaced.”



Ryton Golf Club

Created: 09-Jun-17 14:15
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