May 2017

Mon 29 May

07:32Johnny Chan (Member)
07:56Bryan Appleby (Member)
08:28Phil thompson (Visitor)
09:00 - 10:52Texas Scramble (Open Competition)
11:00 - 11:56Social Mixed Cup (Competition)
12:04 - 13:00Texas Scramble (Open Competition)
13:08GolfNow Booking (Visitor)
13:32 - 14:04Wylam Boys (Member)
14:20Greig Barker (Visitor)
15:00Chris (Visitor)

Tue 30 May

08:04Brown (Visitor)
08:36spoors (Visitor)
08:52 - 09:08Rutherford (Member)
09:16Arthur Mason (Member)
09:40Joe Dargue (Member)
09:48Appleyard (Visitor)
09:56 - 10:36Ladies Section (Ladies Competition)
11:32Gordon Harding (Member)
12:04Thompson (Member)
12:44Tom McLaren (Member)
16:28 - 17:56Ryton v Ramside-North Durham League (Team)

Wed 31 May

08:04 - 11:16Centenary Trophy - Q (Vets Competition)
11:24Johnny Chan (Member)
11:40Rolant Hughes (Member)
11:48John Wilson (Member)
12:04GolfNow Booking (Visitor)
13:32 - 14:04Wylam Boys (Member)
15:00David Huggin (Guest/Member)
16:28 - 17:56Ryton v Newcastle United-Hadrian League (Team)

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