BRS Tee Booking System & BRS Evening - Thursday 2nd of March - 7.30pm

General Club Noticeboard : BRS Tee Booking System & BRS Evening - Thursday 2nd of March - 7.30pm

Dear Member,

I would like to invite you to an evening with Bob King on Thursday the 2nd of March 2017 at 7.30pm at Ryton Golf Club. Bob King is a BRS Golf employee and he will be hear to answer any questions you may have regarding the introduction of a new Tee Booking System that will help member golf satisfaction and hopefully increase revenue at the same time.

As most of you may be aware, the club has been looking at a Tee Booking system to increase revenue and control the 1st Tee better at busier times. This has been attractive to the club as it helps to bring in additional Green Fee Income by advertising tee times for visitors to use.

The Board have identified the advantages of running the tee booking system and wish to start using it for selected tee times being used at the club, to enable better management of the course. By booking a time, slack periods on the course will be able to be identified and advertised. Thus bringing in further additional green fee revenue, which will benefit both the club and membership. It is also used to help members play a round of golf on a weekend without too much disruption from the much needed visiting parties.

It is also a requirement of being a member of CASC that we monitor all rounds of golf both member and visitor alike, and as such an up to date Tee booking system is the easiest way to achieve this.

There will be Members allocated times on a weekend at the busiest times and at selected points during the week to minimise any change when it comes to Vets competitions and weekend competitions for all categories.

It is realised that not all the members will be happy with this process, but as a club we need to look forward and utilise the course to our best advantage, to generate additional income, and the board consider this to be the way forward.
To that effect, the board will be bringing in the new booking system shortly and replace the one we have currently. 

The BRS facility will be available, via the club website, for members to register and to use the system. A user ID will be issued, normally in the form of numeric's, and you simply need to add a password. This registration is then authenticated and you will be then able to book your times via the system.
The preferred method of booking will be by the member, on line, with the second option being via the professional shop if you do not have internet facilities.
You will be allowed to book one tee time per day for up to 4 persons, including yourself and allowed to book up to 7-14 days in advance. If you are on email, once a booking is done, an automated email is sent to both yourself and those people you have selected to play with advising them of the tee off time. During the booking process, those who use club buggies will also be able to book those at the same time as they reserve the tee.

The following links covers the registration process:

This next link shows how to book a tee time:

I look forward to seeing you on the 2nd of March.

Neil Whinham
Club Secretary
22nd February 2017

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